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A Natural Curriculum Rooted in Wonder

Groton Farm School
at Luina Greine Farm

A country farm school for ALL children, including learners with attention difficulties and ADHD.

Groton Farm School is a country day school located on a 20-acre working farm. A great deal of our teaching is outside, in nature, among our orchard and farm animals. We are located at Luina Greine Farm and welcome ALL children in grades K-4, including children with attention difficulties and ADHD. We are a child-centered educational community that encourages adventure, exploration, and love of learning from September through June!

Nature Based Curriculum Rooted in Wonder

At Groton Farm School, we believe the natural world around us is the perfect classroom to inspire wonder, independent learning, and critical thinking. We recognize that children learn and grow in response to where they learn. Our school provides a unique opportunity to utilize our diverse landscape on 20 acres, as our primary resource for learning. Students are invited to explore our pastures, meadows, forest, apple orchard, and barnyard full of animals every day.









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Benefits Of Outdoor Learning for Children


Learning is Deep Rooted, Powerful, Hands-On, and Personalized


Supports Creativity and Problem Solving


Increases Focus, Which Enhances Cognitive Development


Reduces ADHD Symptoms


Increased Physical Activity and Overall Health


Nutrition is Considerably Improved when Students Grow Their Own Food


Improves Social Relationships (Children are Happier and Healthier)


Promotes Self-Discipline


Reduces Stress and Anxiety


Increased Critical Thinking Skills


Enhanced Ecological Awareness


Fosters Collaboration and Social Skills


Compassion and Empathy Become Woven Into a Child's Fabric Forever

About Groton Farm School

We believe in the critical importance of encouraging in children a sense of respect and responsibility for the natural world and all that live in it. Our nature-based curriculum offers limitless opportunities to create a learning environment that integrates all subjects across the curriculum. Our goal is to transform the way that children approach learning for life. We, here on the farm, seek to energize and inspire active explorers of their world and ultimately develop positive environmental life habits and responsible stewards of the earth.


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Groton Farm School’s “real-life,” hands on, Math/Science Program, brings our students outside in nature whenever possible. Nestled in the quaint countryside of Groton, 40 miles from Boston, on 20 glorious acres of pastures, stonewalls, meadow, forest and orchards, as well as many farm animals, naturally provide our learners with an abundance of perfectly orchestrated lessons gifted to us by Mother Nature! Many, many more lessons in Math and Science than we could ever possibly explore and discover in a lifetime!


Parent Testimonials

“Our gentle animal-loving Kindergartener loves attending Groton Farm School. He looks forward to learning with founder Shelly Sullivan every day. Our son comes home feeling proud of his work and his accomplishments on a daily basis. He enjoys having the opportunity to feed and spend time with the animals on the farm. We know that our son has made memories that will last him a lifetime. His willingness to take risks, be a community member, and be an engaged learner are priceless for us as parents. We are grateful for our child’s opportunity to attend Groton Farm School.” --J.B., Groton, MA

“After taking a tour of Groton Farm School in March of 2020, I knew that I was in the midst of something special and that I wanted my daughter to be a member of this remarkable teaching and learning community. I'm happy to say that my instincts were correct! My daughter started third grade at Groton Farm School in September of 2020 and is thriving in a setting that recognizes her for who she is as a learner while cultivating her skills and interests. Ms. Shelly Sullivan and her amazing team of talented educators are compassionate individuals who possess the knowledge and skills to meet the unique needs of a diverse range of learners across a variety of content areas including language arts, math, science and social studies. It is quite remarkable that my daughter has the opportunity to learn in a setting that enables her to develop relationships with students of various ages as well as strengthen her love of art, animals, and nature. My daughter is happy when she arrives home from school and is always excited to tell her family about her educational adventures on the farm! I could not ask for more as a parent!” --K.D., Groton, MA

“As parents of two students currently enrolled at Groton Farm School, we feel incredibly fortunate to have discovered a truly unique learning environment for our children. Ms. Shelly and the staff at GFS have created a magical space for children; a space where they not only learn the traditional core concepts found in elementary education, but are also encouraged towards a deeper exploration into their individual interests. Our children are thriving under GFS’s approach to learning....their focus on nature, respect for all creatures big and small and the fostering of independence and personal growth are just a few examples of what sets Groton Farm School apart from other schools. The beautiful and expansive property and up close and personal access to the animals is truly special; and no two days are ever alike!”--A.B., Groton, MA

“We chose Groton Farm School for our daughter as an alternative to a traditional kindergarten environment because we wanted her to be outside instead of sitting in a classroom. She got so much more than we hoped out of her kindergarten year on the farm---developing her self confidence, and building patience, kindness, and responsibility---that we decided to return for first grade. This year has been wonderful as she is becoming an artist, loving math, learning about the oceans, writing and illustrating books, and waking up excited to learn and have new adventures every school day. She loves GFS so much that sometimes we visit on the weekend!” - A.F., Groton, MA

“We have been so pleased with our decision to send our children to Groton Farm School. We really wanted a different experience for our younger 2 children, specifically we wanted an educational experience for them that offered more time learning in nature and that didn't confine them to the constructs of the traditional core curriculum. They have both thrived at GFS and are learning at a pace far exceeding our expectations. The competency and enthusiasm of the teachers at GFS is evident in the vigorous progress we have seen in both of our children this past year. Our children are eager to go to school each day and are always excited to tell us about the fun things they did and learned at school that day. We feel so fortunate to have found such a wonderfully unique school for them!” N.T., Dunstable, MA

“My daughter has been attending Groton Farm School for 4 years and she still runs out of bed to get there in the mornings. She has made the best of friends and her teachers have become extended family. She has learned and grown so much in this caring, supportive environment. This school and its farm are such a treasure.” H.F., Ayer, MA

“Groton Farm School would have been a saving grace for our family at any time, but especially this year when it was hard to feel that we could hit the nail on the head in any area because of the pandemic. What a gift! This really unique and integrative format has been the missing puzzle piece for us. Our family celebrates daily that our daughter receives a consistent, high-quality academic curriculum. There are plentiful opportunities for extracurricular creative expression and skill-building, along with care and attention to her socio-emotional and developmental needs. We are a year in, and I'm still so excited about the amount of outdoor, movement, and play that she receives in a day - on a Farm! It's just ideal. I can't say enough about how Shelly and her teachers pay attention to unique giftings and invest in our kid's opportunities to develop across the whole person. As a parent, GFS is truly a dream come true.” Z.H., Cambridge, MA