Frequently Asked Questions

Groton Farm School (GFS) is located on an expansive 20-acre working farm. We have a variety of animals that include many alpacas, horses, goats, sheep,and mini donkeys and bunnies. Our beloved dog, Molly, spends a great deal of time with our students, inside and outside. (And the countless wild animals that live in our backyard!) A great deal of our teaching is outside, in nature, among our orchards, pastures, meadows, forest, and farm animals.

Our school allows for no more than 20 students.

Here at GFS, we do not use the term grades, as we are a multi-age school. We enroll children from the ages of 5-10. We are simply a community of learners that reflects the real world.

A multi-age classroom creates a diverse learning environment that is of mixed ages. At our farm school, our philosophy is based on the ideal that children benefit more when classes are grouped by different ages and mastery levels. The students of Groton Farm School learn both independently and from each other while progressing at their own pace. Each child receives what he/she needs at that time on their educational journey, becoming active participants in their own learning.  Our multi-age classrooms foster collaboration, mentoring and leadership. At GFS, our goal is for each child to succeed and flourish in a positive, nurturing, and safe environment.

Our farm school offers 2 indoor classrooms and 1 tented outdoor classroom that includes a wood burning stove for our New England wintery days. Plus a 20-acre outdoor classroom!

It promotes:

  • Mental alertness
  • Lowers stress and anxiety 
  • Boosts self discipline
  • Positive effects on mood and motivation
  • Physical activity, fitness, and wellness
  • Cooperation
  • Attention, focus and engagement
  • A sense of calm
  • Creativity
  • Critical thinking
  • Problem solving
  • An improved academic performance
  • A reduction in anger and disruptive behavior
  • Positive relationship skills
  • Cognitive development
  • Reduction in impulsivity
  • Independence
  • A life long appreciation for our connection to the natural world and its conservation
  • The answer to this question is so easy! Whenever we can! Our 20-acre farm IS our classroom. We have the flexibility to just grab our mobile desks and chairs and take our learning outside in nature, which is always everyone’s preference.
  • Our tented classroom is used year round. It was custom-built for us with several windows and a door with screens for proper ventilation and plenty of fresh air flowing in.
  • The children go outside at least twice a day, in almost all weather conditions. When Mother Nature has other plans, we make adjustments.
  • Our farm allows for the children to explore, discover, run, play, climb, build forts in the woods, and experience new adventures everyday!

At the Groton Farm School there is always 2 teachers in the classroom everyday. In addition, we also have Specials Teachers weekly, adding a 3rd teacher to the classroom.

  • Yes indeed! Each morning, the children are assigned “farm chores” that include feeding the animals. 
  • Also, when the students have “free” time out in nature, we encourage them to visit and pet the animals. 
  • Whenever possible, we like to include our farm animals into our learning modules - using math skills, Science, Reading/Writing, and Art.

We do offer both aftercare and after school programs. 

  • Groton Farm School’s doors open at 9:00 am.
  • Our school day starts at 9:00 am and ends at 3:30 pm, Monday - Friday.