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How are you an alternative school?

I am often asked how Groton Farm School is an alternative school. There are multiple reasons really. Today, I will talk about the extraordinary work of our teachers.

We are a community of learners, including the teachers. As educators, we strive to provide our students with exactly what they need on any given day. This can only be achieved if we teachers are always observing our learners, discovering what is meaningful to them, and responding to their specific needs accordingly. 

Each learner is unique. We believe by studying their individual learning styles through daily observation and subsequent implementation of appropriate lessons and experiences is our most important job. If teachers are not learners, first and foremost, it is my professional opinion, that they are in the wrong line of work!

Our educators at Groton Farm School work extremely hard to design and provide hands-on, real-life experiences, mostly outdoors, that actively engage our students in the learning process. We help guide them through their own discovery, challenges, or enrichment. 

Teachers and parents are a team here at GFS. Who knows a child better than their parent? No one. If we are not partners with our students’, primary caregiver, then, again, it is my opinion, what is the point of it all?